Heresy Gaming is a gaming community centered around discord for a variety of games and activities. It started as a brain-child while on some other gaming discords. They were mostly chaotic and unorganized. So we went full force on founding Heresy Gaming.

Since then we have grown to over 100+ members and now host 4 dedicated game servers (7 Days to Die, ARK, Conan Exiles and Minecraft) have a guild in Elder Scrolls online and a Guild in World of Warcraft (Alliance/Moon Guard) and are still growing. We would love to have you join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/DZwgzpR) and play some games or just hang out.

Hope to see you there!

We are a rapidly growing community of gamers of all ages, nations, creeds and lifestyles...

Here at Heresy gaming, we strive to provide a laid-back atmosphere for gamers to come together and share the joys of video games technology.

Please take some time to read our rules before chatting:

Mutual respect
Heresy Gaming celebrates diversity inside and outside the community. We recognize that all members have a right to play without harassment, and members are expected to treat each other with respect at all times.

Mods or Admins will intervene in text chat or voice channels or any other situation if it is deemed to be in the realm of harassment or is otherwise inappropriate.

What we DO NOT tolerate:

1. Negative comments/jokes based on sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, political persuasion, age, any body-type/body part shaming, or any form of bigotry.

2. Threats of physical violence to yourself or someone else.

3. Continued, unwelcome contact with another member.

4. Inapproprirate behavior such as, spamming, trolling, or insulting other gamers.

Other Rules:
*We understand that mental illness is a serious issue, therefore we expect our members to use common sense and respect when speaking about this senstive topic with others.